Our mission is to create garments from the highest quality Andean fabrics, providing the ultimate skin-experience.


We aim to help close the gap between sustainability and the luxury market, creating products that feel good and last.

Our Story

Founded under principles of legacy and longevity, we enhance everyday clothing with traditional techniques used by tribes of the Andean Mountains.

Born in Colombia, co-founder John Bocanegra dreamt of making clothing with a difference. Yet when he turned 11 years old, he and his family were forced to flee the country. Narrowly escaping the ensuing guerrilla warfare, they were able to start a new life in Austria - where John’s avidity for fashion grew.

His passion was cemented with a place at Vienna’s prestigious Hetzendorf Fashion Institute. After three years, he decided to return to Colombia to study fashion design in his native city of Ibagué. John wished to incorporate the ancient techniques of the Andean tribes in a more luxurious context, combining the cultural heritage of both cities he had lived in. His mantra ‘give the past a future’ embodied his commitment to reignite diminishing local art forms and techniques.

By 2017, he had co-founded Chirimoya. Joining forces with an Austrian start-up investor based in London, he set about designing modern, functional garments embellished with artisanal detailing. Inspired by its vibrant art scene and proximity to the indigenous artisans he had studied, John decided to establish the brand in Ibagué – which remains to be the creative home of the brand to this day.


As an Andes-based brand, we believe supporting local communities to be crucial. Luckily for us, our Pima cotton is grown in Peru and has been proven to be one of the longest strains of cotton in the world - renowned for both its durable and luxurious qualities. Our cotton is ethically manufactured and our sources adhere to labour laws, pay fair wages and ensure there is no child or slave labour present.

Local Manufacturing

Our garments are designed in our atelier in Ibagué and manufactured in a small-scale facility in Bogotá. We chose this production site for a number of reasons. Namely, their focus on product quality, the integrity of their production process and most importantly – their commitment to creating a supportive working environment for local women.