Origins: Baby Pima

Unique, supple softness from the Peruvian coast.

Chirimoya creates ultra-soft, luxury basics.

We exist to foster connection, from the clothes on your skin to the memories made while wearing them. From the coastal valleys of the Andean Mountains, our Peruvian Pima cotton is both supple and strong, creating the ultimate skin experience.


Placing your faith in us is a pledge towards a more sustainable future. Each garment is designed to endure long beyond its creation, evolving with you and your style.
We believe that achieving sustainability means producing clothing that lasts a lifetime without losing its appeal, using natural materials from sources that ensure ethical procedures.

Our Story

It all started with one fibre, Pima Cotton. One touch and we were hooked. Our exploration to find the best Pima could only have landed us in one place, the coastal valleys of the Andean Mountains in Peru.
Having found this idyllic fibre, we sought to find the ideal location for our design studio. Snaking up the mountain range into Colombia, you will come across an unassuming plateau that is home to the city of Ibagué in Tolima, where a small but talented team was formed to enhance and develop the unique qualities of this fibre.
Following this achievement, we needed a name – something ubiquitous with our values and the locations that continue to inspire us, now as they did then. The answer was found on the vendor carts surrounding us during our travels. The Chirimoya, best summarised by Mark Twain as ‘the most delicious fruit known to men’. A small indulgence, silky to the touch and distinctly Andean in its origin.
As the team worked to create our signature Chirimoya, a classic cut Pima cotton T-Shirt, we continued our exploration of the Andean region, developing our understanding of the pre-Colombian cultures that had given Pima to the world. From the Alpaca studded peaks of Peru to the tribes of the Amazon, to the valleys filled with endless varieties of cotton.
Chirimoya continues to make little indulgences to complement a lifestyle anchored in wellness and travel. Functional clothing for the modern nomad, to be enjoyed across all terrain. Roaming the busy streets of Manhattan, dancing in the courtyards of Cartagena or detoxing in the alpine sanctuary of Austria.